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Energy Efficient Appliances: For The Whole Home

Energy efficient appliances are the latest trend for upgrades for your whole home.. But why choose energy efficient appliances? More homeowners are choosing energy efficient appliances not just for the environment, even though it’s enough to want to just save the trees and breathe cleaner air. They are choosing energy efficient appliances to save money in the bank. And who  doesn’t like to save money. In addition to saving on utilities you can also qualify for rebates through your local utilities company for the upgrade to the energy efficient models of the appliances you use everyday in your home. A top electrician Auckland can recommend which appliance in your home would be worth the upgrade  depending on your families daily practices and a electrical service auckland can ensure that everything is installed and running at its peak efficiency to save money and the environment.


The kitchen is where a good portion of energy efficient appliances can be installed by an electrical service Auckland to get you the best savings. Your refrigerator is a good place to start. Consumer reports averages that the average energy efficient refrigerator saves $42-110 dollars per year. While the upfront cost may seem staggering but it is also said that the fridges not only save you more money but they also are better at keeping your food fresher longer. Dishwashers are another great saving in your kitchen. They not only are designed to clean dishes better and use less water and save you and average of $30 dollars a year. The kitchen is full of savings and efficiency with new energy efficient appliances.

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Loads of laundry, and if you have a average home size of five and six you are washing on a nearly daily basis to keep up with the piles that keep coming from you family. Your washer can be replaced with a more energy efficient model that uses less water and electricity saving you and average of $40 dollars per washer often come with features that allow you to wash smaller loads so that you don’t have to run through a whole cycle. Dryers are another laundry room appliance that can be upgraded to save money. On average a energy efficient dryer will not only dry your clothes faster with less damage but also save an average of $25 dollars per year.

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All Around The Home

There are a lot of other appliance that are used throughout your home that you can upgrade to create an overall more environmentally and cost effective home.

Lighting for example can be made to be more energy efficient by using energy efficient bulbs like LED bulbs that cost less and are less maintenance on your home. LED lighting bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs and are safe because they don’t heat up as hot traditional light bulbs either. They can be used all over the home from kitchen to living rooms and bathrooms even for the christmas lights for the tree and around the home for the holidays.

Smart thermostats are another home feature that can be upgrades with top electricians in auckland. A smart thermostat will pay for itself in two years with the average thermostat costing an average of $250 dollars. A smart thermostat allow you to program you air as well as for the thermostat to learn you rhome patterns to keep the home cool when you are around and turn itself off when you are out. It’s a good investment that pays for itself.

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Water heaters are an important part of any home. Hot water is used for showers, laundry , dishes and more. But even your hot water heater can be more energy efficient and bring you savings. Water heaters are the second highest energy user in your home. A smart hot water heater will allow you to turn off the water heater at night and when you are away from your home so that it is not making hot water when its not needed. Electrical service auckland can help to install a hot water heater that will ensure that you will see savings that will make a difference.

Trying to make your home more energy efficient can be a daunting task. A top electrician auckland can help to recommend different appliances that can be lower your energy cost and overall footprint on the environment. All savings are contingent on you family’s personal practices, but even the smallest changes can make the largest differences for your hoe and for our environment. From simple things like light bulbs and smart thermostats to larger items like refrigerator and hot water heaters. Know that over the life of all your appliances you’ll continue to see savings you can be proud of for your family and the world.

Electrical Fires – Why This Happens

According to the National Fire Protection Association 14,760 fires are caused by electrical or appliance failures. Leading to property damages, injuries and in some cases death. Electrical fires are the leading cause of fires in a home. Electrical fire dangers can be hidden in the walls. Most homeowners are aware that you should not overload outlets but there are some dangers that homeowners may be unaware of or that can be hidden. If your a homeowners in an older homes you should hire an electrician auckland to come in and access the dangers of an electrical fire. A certified electrical service will be able to help  make changes to keep homes safe from electrical fires caused by faulty outlets or appliance, light fixtures, space heaters and more.  A certified electrical service will also give tips on how homeowners can stay safe.

Faulty Outlets and Appliances

It’s always important to never overload outlets with too many plugs or appliances. This can cause an electrical fire. Always ensure that there is a cover on the electrical outlet and that it is well maintained. If you have any loose fitting outlets or any outlets that seem dead  hire an electrician auckland to come out and service those outlets. Never take the third ground prong from a cord to make it fit in a two prong hole. That third prong is to ensure that the appliance will stay grounded and not cause an electrical fire. Never use a appliance that has faults in the cord, receptacle or switch. Also avoid running wires and cords under rugs because this can be another cause of an electrical fire.

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Extension Cords

Sometime you just can’t get the radio to reach the living room for the party. So the solution is likely to use an extension cord. Extension cords can be a cause of electrical fires as well. It important to remember that extension cords are for temporary use only and that appliances should not be left plugged into them. Appliances should be plugged into the wall directly. If you don’t have the correct outlet for your appliance a certified electrical service can come out and add outlets to meet your needs. Extension cords should never be doubled up to make an electrical cord train as this can too cause an electrical fire.

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Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a cause of electrical fires as well. Different light fixtures around your house require a different wattage light bulb. It’s important to follow the guidelines for each fixture as putting the wrong light bulb in the fixture can cause overheating and lead to an electrical fire. Another way a light fixture can cause an electrical fire is when a material like a cloth or paper is left on or close to the bulb and heats up. All these things should be remembered to keep your light fixtures safe and to avoid any fires.

Space Heater

Space heaters are great in the winter when its snowing and raining outside to keep the home warm. It’s important though to be mindful and follow safety cautions from the manufacturer to avoid electrical fires. Because space heaters are so portable they can often be forgotten about or placed too close to combustible materials and this can cause a fire. Keep them away from rugs, bedding, clothing, chairs,  couches ,carpets, curtains and anything else that may catch fire. Coil heaters are especially dangerous in this regard because the coil can get so hot it only takes the slightest touch to catch anything nearby on fire. Also try to avoid over using it because the coils can cause fires from being worn or over heated to often.



Especially in older home wiring can be a major cause of electrical fires.if your home is more than 25 years old it may not have the capacity to handle the needs of modern updated appliance. Breakers and circuits can get overloaded by even the simplest things we take for granted everyday like tv, computers, game consoles and even microwaves. It’s important to hire an electrician auckland to update the wiring in your home so that it will be safe to run all of your home without causing an electrical fire.

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Electrical fires can be dangerous and costly if you lose your home. Protect against electrical fires by getting certified electrical service to come out and upgrade wiring in an old home, Give your home more outlets so you don’t have to run as many extension cords and fix any dead outlets you may have. Stay cautious when using space heaters and alway use the correct bulbs in all f your lighting fixtures. These steps along with help from an electrician auckland will ensure that your home is safe from electrical fires and  more enjoyable.

Upgrading Your Home for Security

Homeowners work hard to make their home as comfortable and beautiful as they can. A sanctuary for their family. But times are changing and though a neighborhood may seem safe, there can be predators lurking waiting for an opportunity for a family to be away to break in.  It is more cost effective to upgrade and add layers of security to upgrade a home than to replace the potentially valuable things that burglars and trespassers would take. An electrician in auckland can offer several electrical  services to create a security system to protect a home. A residential electrician will specialize in everything that homeowners need and understand that the home needs certain kinds of protections. From smart lock to motion detectors and everything in between a residential electrician will help to sort through the long list of features and hardware to meet the needs of the homeowners.

Smart locks

Smart locks are a feature that residential electricians offer in their electrical services to homeowners. It’s a simple change that can make a world of difference when it comes to protecting homes. In the past dead bolts were enough to simply lock and unlock homes keeping intruders out. Smart locks allow for more control. Instead of simply locking a door homeowners are be able to remotely access the lock with a smartphone to allow guest and family in and out when they not able to be there. They come in a variety of options to allow homeowners to choose to keep some of their traditional key features to still be able to open doors the way homeowners are accustomed to. Or to go completely bluetooth and keyless so that when homeowner’s are in bed they don’t have to walk all the way down stairs to check if they locked the door, instead they can just check their phone or smart device to engage locks. Homeowners can rely on their electrician in auckland to help navigate the many models that are on the market for smart locks.

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Windows and Door Alarms

Burglars and trespassers don’t just pick door locks. They will also come in through windows.  Window and door alarms are triggered when burglars break in. Most systems will not only trigger a homeowners alarm system,  but also alerting the police and the homeowners if they are not home. Like most technology there are a lot of functions and features like a silent alarm that doesn’t alert the burglar that the alarm had been triggered but notifies authorities and homeowners in hope to catch the thieves in the act. There are so many to choose from. A residential electrician will be able to help to install alarms that function the best for the homeowners needs.

Motion detectors

The best way to deter a trespassers even when homeowner’s are not home is to install motion activated lights on the exterior of the home. The detector senses movement and shine a bright light to scare off intruders. Lights can be set to stay on from any amount of time from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Some motion detectors on the market come in with a long list of other features like solar power, waterproof and heatproof, and even some stylish hardware.  Each model has something different to offer and with the expertise of a residential electrician homeowners will be able to have one installed that fits their needs and looks nice on the exterior of their home.


Cameras are a oldie but a goodie.  Because with all kinds of technology. Installing cameras in key locations inside and outside not only deter potential intruders but also aid in warning other neighbors and catching them.  There are different types of cameras with features such as motion detection to turn on light and camera for view of an intruder or live feed to homeowners smartphone or device so that homeowners can keep an eye on their property even when they are away. It’s important to have a electrician Auckland to ensure that the cameras are not only installed properly but also that they have a view of all the areas you want to keep monitored.

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Home security is more than just deadbolts and locked windows. It now requires homeowners to create a security plan with their residential electrician to add cameras with night vision, smart locks that eliminate keys all together and motion detectors that deter intruders. All of these devices and features aim to keep family and homes safe. There are a number of different devices with a long list of features that may be that can be daunting to choose from. Electrical services from a Auckland electrician will help to create a plan and a solution to better protect a home that homeowners work so hard to build for themselves and their families.

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office lighting

How To Improve Office Lighting For a More Productive Workplace

Lighting in an office is more that just for walking from office to office and doing task. The lighting in your office sets the mood for more productive employees and better moods by all. But what happens when you office lighting isnt bright enough and your employees complain about flickering lights and not able to work in the conference rooms. It may be time to upgrade that old lighting to create a better work space. An electrician Auckland will be able to help you decide how best to create lighting in your work space that is both cost effective and beneficial to to employees productiveness. Commercial electricians will best know the codes and the procedures to ensure that your lighting is up to date and safe as well as cost effective.

Know your goals

It’s important to understand that what your goals are for lighting when discussing your options with your commercial electrician. Do you just want to just to add more lighting, upgrade your current lighting or do a whole overhaul of your current lighting for your building. Know that whatever electrical services you choose you are investing into your company and your employees, and well as the long term life and growth of your company’s building.

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Energy Saving Lights

The biggest concern when running a business and making updates is how much is this going to cost? This is not an unreasonable question to ask since the money you put into a large lighting project you want to ensure that you get some sort return. However lighting is not something that is good to skimp on. Your commercial electrician  will offer you a wide array of energy efficient light bulbs. LED lighting is a option that can seem like a large expense in the beginning. Especially if you are overhauling your entire building’s lighting. However, LED lighting is not only cost effective but also have a longer lifespan saving you in the long run on energy savings and replacements. LED lighting saves and average of 50-70% over traditional lighting methods. The lifespan of an average LED light ran for about 18 hours a day is ten years and require significantly less maintenance than traditional light bulbs.

Maximize Natural Lighting

If you have windows in your office space make sure that you take full advantage of this during the day. Allow your windows to be cleaned by your maintenance team on a regular basis to allow fresh sunlight to travel through your work space. By making your window covering simpler so that they can be raised during the day and drawn during the night you can bring in a good amount of fresh positive light in to the area for your employees to work in. This is a low cost solution can make a big difference if you have a building with large windows.


Replace Flickering Lights

Maybe you can’t afford a large lighting overhaul, your electrician Auckland will suggest to simply replace the flickering lights that your building currently has. Flickering can be annoying to your employees as they work and can make it difficult to concentrate. Sometimes the light bulbs may be just fine and your need new circuitry for the lighted area. Your commercial electrician will be able to make suggestions as to what the cause of the flickering light is and what solutions can be done to fix the problem.

Create A Light Atmosphere

The best kind of lighting to work in is a mixture of lighting so that no matter what your employees are doing they will be comfortable and be able to work efficiently. You have to keep in mind that you should light for people and not just for tasks. Your commercial electrician will help you achieve this by creating a more full picture of light for your work space. Accent lighting will allow for the rooms and workspaces draw attention to art work or focal points in your space.making the workplace feel less like a work camp and more like a common space for ideas to flow and develop. Task lighting is for the real work at desk and in offices so that the employees can do the job without struggling to see what’s what. Ambient lighting gives you enough light to work under but without all the focus of downward task lighting. Making it great for group areas.

No matter what you choose as a goal for your electrical services, make sure that your commercial electrician understands what you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind way to maximize natural light and to save money in the long tern with LED lighting. Know that your commitment to your company’s lighting needs will only help your employees work better and help your business grow.

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An Eye on Auckland’s Electricity Problem Solvers

Houses are not built daily. It is once in a lifetime thing where you build a house for yourself and your family. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the installations and quality of construction and equipment installed and more about the installation quality, seek guidance from a Master Electrician Auckland. For, one small or minor defect in installation can wreak havoc and cause great loss in terms of both life as well as financially.

A faulty electrical installation or something as simple as a faulty circuit breaker can cause a huge disaster such as a fire. It is important to install electrical cables according to the load and those cables should be of good quality. It is said that devil is in the details. You do want to just install an electrical cable but a proper electrical cable that can bear the load of your household appliance or appliances. Only qualified Electricians can figure out these things. So, do not try to save up money on such things by hiring unprofessional and unqualified and ill-equipped Electricians and hire a Master electrician Auckland. We at Electric City do not take any chances, for it will be like playing with the lives of our customers and that we cannot have.

Electric installation is one area where you don’t want to take any chances by going for cheap and unqualified Electricians. Therefore, you should go for the best service that money can buy at a very affordable and reasonable rate, especially the quality you get. It is totally worth your money.

For quality Electricians and electricity-related services, Electric City is the name that Auckland trusts. We have been in the business for a long time and have a very high client satisfaction ratio. Most of our clients are recurring and trust us and always bring their business to us instead of going anywhere else.

Electric City is a name that people in Auckland trust, which is because of our thoroughly professional and highly specialized staff, services and total client satisfaction. We provide a large number of services such as:

  •    Electrical Services

–    Wiring, data cabling, home automation installations, alarm systems, audio-visual installations, electrical system maintenance, and more

  •    Heat Pumps

–        Customized heat pump solutions based on your requirements using industry-leading products from Fujitsu

Our products, as well as our services, are of the highest quality. We NEVER compromise on our quality come what may. We have a highly skilled team of professional Electricians. They are properly qualified and have the right skill set to serve your needs.

We make sure that we keep our rates as minimum and as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. Still, if you are a new customer we will give you a discount of ten percent on your first contract. So don’t hesitate and pick up your phone for a free quote from Master Electrician Auckland. Remember, we will not charge you anything until and unless we actually do some physical work after you have awarded us the contract.

You can also request a call back at a time of your choosing and convenience.


Electricity is employed to almost everything in the world. There were times when it was only employed in industries to run heavy machinery, then became a utility in homes running fans and lights. Now we have electricity powering almost every accessory in our homes, even cars are becoming electric. There comes a time when you are on a lookout for one of the professional electricians Auckland. Electric city is one that should be on top of your list of Master Electrician Auckland. This article illustrates five most useful, and often neglected, tips to hire your perfect electrician in Auckland.

1- Ask for Certification/Qualification

A general rule of thumb, as applied for hiring any service provider, always ask for the electrician’s qualification or certification before agreeing to a quote or hiring an electrician. There are many electricians Auckland wide, who may be doing electrical services based on his experience but have no certification from the local body. Keep an eye and only trust Master electrician Auckland, who has both qualification and a good experience record. Many consumers report issues for getting services for cheap but not having the problem fixed to their satisfaction.

2- Read through the Reviews

Reviews are there for a reason. Take a good look at Google reviews for every service provider. Apart from online reviews checkout in your friends and families circle, see if they have any recommendations for you regarding electricians Auckland. You will find out that electric city has truly proven to be the Master electrician Auckland. The reason is there customers are happy with their work and are happy to give good reviews for their services.

3- Agree with a standard quote

They say hiring a good electrician in a low budget is an art. After all, everyone wants to keep the cost low as there are many service providers available. Electricians Auckland wide has almost the same charges, while there are some large companies which might charge higher and then there are some newbies which cost almost nothing. You have to find someone who falls in the middle. Electric City is one that is budget friendly, problem-solving and friendly to the core. They can be safely called Master Electrician Auckland.

4- Lookout for discounts

There are times when some service providers are on sale. Perhaps a new business who wants to give amazing discounts to win customers. Or an established one who wants to leverage sales. These are great opportunities to get a quality service at a most reasonable cost. At Electric City, 10% discount is always available for a new customer. An irresistible offer, if you are looking for dependable services of electricians Auckland.

5- Master Electricians Auckland

In the end, make sure the electrician you have chosen is an established business provider. Check out their contact details and address before calling them. There are some who don’t have a practical experience, an office or proper code of conduct and you might find yourself in a trouble.

So save yourself from the unnecessary hassle and choose the right electrician. Electric City has it all to be your reliable electrical service providers.

How to Choose an Electrician in Auckland – 101 Guide

Electrical work can be confusing, just looking into a breaker box can be a jigsaw puzzle, all the wires and the knobs and switches. But work comes up and things have to be fixed. While some jobs, like changing a light bulb can be done diy, other jobs like rewiring the kitchen lighting are going to require a bit more experience .It’s important to ensure that it’s done right by a professional who was familiar with the job that you are looking to have done. You want to get a guarantee that the work is going to last and at a price that is reasonable for the job given . There are a few things to know before you pick and electrician Auckland .

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New Zealand is large and diverse and there are so many electricians who specialize in a wide range of jobs. From commercial buildings to outdoor and backyard projects and of course home improvement and renovation projects . Making sure that your electrician auckland is licensed and qualified to work in New Zealand is important.

A  license ensures that they not only have the skills and have been through the proper apprenticeships for the skills they need to obtain but also that they  have been vetted by the proper New Zealand registration board . Not using a licensed worker can results in faulty work at exorbitant fees and having to hire a professional later to fix what was done wrong .

You wouldn’t let just anyone off the street to do heart surgery on your kid without having the proper credentials, school certifications and licensing from the proper board . You should think of the electrical in your house as something just as complicated, warranting proper licensing and board certification .

Once you know that your electrician is licensed you should ask  about their  specializations. Do they usually work on commercial or home electrical projects. Hiring a master electrician Auckland who specializes in rear wiring office buildings and hospitals projects may not be right for a kitchen lighting home project . Finding an electrician that is familiar with your project is important . Ask how often your electrician sees this kind of problem or how many times he has performed this kind of service . If an electrician hasn’t seen your job or hasn’t worked on it often it would be a good idea to find somebody who’s more experienced with the job that you’re asking for. Also ask them for a list of references and past jobs that they’ve done as proof of not only experience but  also that somebody would recommend or use again .


If the job is done right next week you shouldn’t be in the dark for dinner again because the pendant lights in your kitchen won’t turn on . Another important part of picking an electrician would be getting some sort of warranty or guarantee for the life of the work . Your electrician should be able to tell you how long the job should last and  be able to guarantee repairs in case of any problem that should arise. If the electrician can’t guarantee the work in the contract then it is likely that the work won’t be done well. Then you’ll have to hire somebody else to redo the job later . No one wants to go through that headache. Make sure your electrician can guarantee the job  in their contracts or find another bid for your job.

The most important thing to establish with an electrician would be cost. Ask whether your electrician will work by the job or by the hour ? If it’s by the jobs and ask if there are bundle prices for different kinds of jobs . If it is charged by the hour then ask how many hours the job will take, all should be included in your contract . You never want to assume that a job is only going to take an hour and then be left with a large bill because the job took 5 hours instead. It’s important to note that a master electrician in Auckland is not going to charge the same as an apprentice electrician in Auckland. This goes back to making sure that an electrician that specializes in you stop type realize you might be paying for an electrician that specializes in something else who charges an arm and a leg for job they’re not familiar with. Getting different bids for a job along with references can help with the decision.

These are all very important things to consider when hiring any electrician in New Zealand . Licensing to make sure your electrician is certified by the proper board. Ensure that they are the right person for the job and that they have good reviews for the job you were looking for. Also price, make sure you’re not facing sticker shock at the end of the job because the terms weren’t clear and a warranty to make sure the job is going to last. Always shop around for a few quotes for electricians to make sure you’re getting the best value.

If you’re interested in seeing the best master electrician Auckland has to offer see our service page or give us a call to see what Electric City LTD has to offer.