How to Choose an Electrician in Auckland – 101 Guide

Electrical work can be confusing, just looking into a breaker box can be a jigsaw puzzle, all the wires and the knobs and switches. But work comes up and things have to be fixed. While some jobs, like changing a light bulb can be done diy, other jobs like rewiring the kitchen lighting are going to require a bit more experience .It’s important to ensure that it’s done right by a professional who was familiar with the job that you are looking to have done. You want to get a guarantee that the work is going to last and at a price that is reasonable for the job given . There are a few things to know before you pick and electrician Auckland .

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New Zealand is large and diverse and there are so many electricians who specialize in a wide range of jobs. From commercial buildings to outdoor and backyard projects and of course home improvement and renovation projects . Making sure that your electrician auckland is licensed and qualified to work in New Zealand is important.

A  license ensures that they not only have the skills and have been through the proper apprenticeships for the skills they need to obtain but also that they  have been vetted by the proper New Zealand registration board . Not using a licensed worker can results in faulty work at exorbitant fees and having to hire a professional later to fix what was done wrong .

You wouldn’t let just anyone off the street to do heart surgery on your kid without having the proper credentials, school certifications and licensing from the proper board . You should think of the electrical in your house as something just as complicated, warranting proper licensing and board certification .

Once you know that your electrician is licensed you should ask  about their  specializations. Do they usually work on commercial or home electrical projects. Hiring a master electrician Auckland who specializes in rear wiring office buildings and hospitals projects may not be right for a kitchen lighting home project . Finding an electrician that is familiar with your project is important . Ask how often your electrician sees this kind of problem or how many times he has performed this kind of service . If an electrician hasn’t seen your job or hasn’t worked on it often it would be a good idea to find somebody who’s more experienced with the job that you’re asking for. Also ask them for a list of references and past jobs that they’ve done as proof of not only experience but  also that somebody would recommend or use again .


If the job is done right next week you shouldn’t be in the dark for dinner again because the pendant lights in your kitchen won’t turn on . Another important part of picking an electrician would be getting some sort of warranty or guarantee for the life of the work . Your electrician should be able to tell you how long the job should last and  be able to guarantee repairs in case of any problem that should arise. If the electrician can’t guarantee the work in the contract then it is likely that the work won’t be done well. Then you’ll have to hire somebody else to redo the job later . No one wants to go through that headache. Make sure your electrician can guarantee the job  in their contracts or find another bid for your job.

The most important thing to establish with an electrician would be cost. Ask whether your electrician will work by the job or by the hour ? If it’s by the jobs and ask if there are bundle prices for different kinds of jobs . If it is charged by the hour then ask how many hours the job will take, all should be included in your contract . You never want to assume that a job is only going to take an hour and then be left with a large bill because the job took 5 hours instead. It’s important to note that a master electrician in Auckland is not going to charge the same as an apprentice electrician in Auckland. This goes back to making sure that an electrician that specializes in you stop type realize you might be paying for an electrician that specializes in something else who charges an arm and a leg for job they’re not familiar with. Getting different bids for a job along with references can help with the decision.

These are all very important things to consider when hiring any electrician in New Zealand . Licensing to make sure your electrician is certified by the proper board. Ensure that they are the right person for the job and that they have good reviews for the job you were looking for. Also price, make sure you’re not facing sticker shock at the end of the job because the terms weren’t clear and a warranty to make sure the job is going to last. Always shop around for a few quotes for electricians to make sure you’re getting the best value.

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