Automation Solutions

Automation solutions will make your home more comfortable, secure, and environmentally friendly. Electric City is a specialist home automation installer with extensive experience in the industry. We will get an understanding of what you want to achieve with an automation solution and will then give you advice on the best approach to take. Our qualified electricians will also install all the equipment before configuring and optimising the system.

The automation solutions we typically install include controls for lighting, security systems, temperature, home entertainment systems, and more. You’ll be able to adjust the settings on the devices and systems using your phone and computer, giving you remote access. Find out more about the options available by contacting us today.

Customised Automation Solutions

We offer an unrivalled service. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A team with extensive experience in home automation solutions
  • High-quality products that we have experience using and that we know are reliable and perform well
  • A comprehensive service that includes setting up the devices to your requirements and showing you how to use the system
  • Excellent customer service

Automate Your Life

We install automation solutions in new build homes but, we can also retrofit in your existing home too. You will benefit from the additional functionality and comfort that home automation offers, and you can save money, i.e. the days of leaving the lights or heating on when you are not at home will be over.

Get a quote for the installation of a home automation solution now. Please call (027) 4433555.