Upgrading Your Home for Security

Homeowners work hard to make their home as comfortable and beautiful as they can. A sanctuary for their family. But times are changing and though a neighborhood may seem safe, there can be predators lurking waiting for an opportunity for a family to be away to break in.  It is more cost effective to upgrade and add layers of security to upgrade a home than to replace the potentially valuable things that burglars and trespassers would take. An electrician in auckland can offer several electrical  services to create a security system to protect a home. A residential electrician will specialize in everything that homeowners need and understand that the home needs certain kinds of protections. From smart lock to motion detectors and everything in between a residential electrician will help to sort through the long list of features and hardware to meet the needs of the homeowners.

Smart locks

Smart locks are a feature that residential electricians offer in their electrical services to homeowners. It’s a simple change that can make a world of difference when it comes to protecting homes. In the past dead bolts were enough to simply lock and unlock homes keeping intruders out. Smart locks allow for more control. Instead of simply locking a door homeowners are be able to remotely access the lock with a smartphone to allow guest and family in and out when they not able to be there. They come in a variety of options to allow homeowners to choose to keep some of their traditional key features to still be able to open doors the way homeowners are accustomed to. Or to go completely bluetooth and keyless so that when homeowner’s are in bed they don’t have to walk all the way down stairs to check if they locked the door, instead they can just check their phone or smart device to engage locks. Homeowners can rely on their electrician in auckland to help navigate the many models that are on the market for smart locks.

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Windows and Door Alarms

Burglars and trespassers don’t just pick door locks. They will also come in through windows.  Window and door alarms are triggered when burglars break in. Most systems will not only trigger a homeowners alarm system,  but also alerting the police and the homeowners if they are not home. Like most technology there are a lot of functions and features like a silent alarm that doesn’t alert the burglar that the alarm had been triggered but notifies authorities and homeowners in hope to catch the thieves in the act. There are so many to choose from. A residential electrician will be able to help to install alarms that function the best for the homeowners needs.

Motion detectors

The best way to deter a trespassers even when homeowner’s are not home is to install motion activated lights on the exterior of the home. The detector senses movement and shine a bright light to scare off intruders. Lights can be set to stay on from any amount of time from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Some motion detectors on the market come in with a long list of other features like solar power, waterproof and heatproof, and even some stylish hardware.  Each model has something different to offer and with the expertise of a residential electrician homeowners will be able to have one installed that fits their needs and looks nice on the exterior of their home.


Cameras are a oldie but a goodie.  Because with all kinds of technology. Installing cameras in key locations inside and outside not only deter potential intruders but also aid in warning other neighbors and catching them.  There are different types of cameras with features such as motion detection to turn on light and camera for view of an intruder or live feed to homeowners smartphone or device so that homeowners can keep an eye on their property even when they are away. It’s important to have a electrician Auckland to ensure that the cameras are not only installed properly but also that they have a view of all the areas you want to keep monitored.

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Home security is more than just deadbolts and locked windows. It now requires homeowners to create a security plan with their residential electrician to add cameras with night vision, smart locks that eliminate keys all together and motion detectors that deter intruders. All of these devices and features aim to keep family and homes safe. There are a number of different devices with a long list of features that may be that can be daunting to choose from. Electrical services from a Auckland electrician will help to create a plan and a solution to better protect a home that homeowners work so hard to build for themselves and their families.

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