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How To Improve Office Lighting For a More Productive Workplace

Lighting in an office is more that just for walking from office to office and doing task. The lighting in your office sets the mood for more productive employees and better moods by all. But what happens when you office lighting isnt bright enough and your employees complain about flickering lights and not able to work in the conference rooms. It may be time to upgrade that old lighting to create a better work space. An electrician Auckland will be able to help you decide how best to create lighting in your work space that is both cost effective and beneficial to to employees productiveness. Commercial electricians will best know the codes and the procedures to ensure that your lighting is up to date and safe as well as cost effective.

Know your goals

It’s important to understand that what your goals are for lighting when discussing your options with your commercial electrician. Do you just want to just to add more lighting, upgrade your current lighting or do a whole overhaul of your current lighting for your building. Know that whatever electrical services you choose you are investing into your company and your employees, and well as the long term life and growth of your company’s building.

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Energy Saving Lights

The biggest concern when running a business and making updates is how much is this going to cost? This is not an unreasonable question to ask since the money you put into a large lighting project you want to ensure that you get some sort return. However lighting is not something that is good to skimp on. Your commercial electrician  will offer you a wide array of energy efficient light bulbs. LED lighting is a option that can seem like a large expense in the beginning. Especially if you are overhauling your entire building’s lighting. However, LED lighting is not only cost effective but also have a longer lifespan saving you in the long run on energy savings and replacements. LED lighting saves and average of 50-70% over traditional lighting methods. The lifespan of an average LED light ran for about 18 hours a day is ten years and require significantly less maintenance than traditional light bulbs.

Maximize Natural Lighting

If you have windows in your office space make sure that you take full advantage of this during the day. Allow your windows to be cleaned by your maintenance team on a regular basis to allow fresh sunlight to travel through your work space. By making your window covering simpler so that they can be raised during the day and drawn during the night you can bring in a good amount of fresh positive light in to the area for your employees to work in. This is a low cost solution can make a big difference if you have a building with large windows.


Replace Flickering Lights

Maybe you can’t afford a large lighting overhaul, your electrician Auckland will suggest to simply replace the flickering lights that your building currently has. Flickering can be annoying to your employees as they work and can make it difficult to concentrate. Sometimes the light bulbs may be just fine and your need new circuitry for the lighted area. Your commercial electrician will be able to make suggestions as to what the cause of the flickering light is and what solutions can be done to fix the problem.

Create A Light Atmosphere

The best kind of lighting to work in is a mixture of lighting so that no matter what your employees are doing they will be comfortable and be able to work efficiently. You have to keep in mind that you should light for people and not just for tasks. Your commercial electrician will help you achieve this by creating a more full picture of light for your work space. Accent lighting will allow for the rooms and workspaces draw attention to art work or focal points in your space.making the workplace feel less like a work camp and more like a common space for ideas to flow and develop. Task lighting is for the real work at desk and in offices so that the employees can do the job without struggling to see what’s what. Ambient lighting gives you enough light to work under but without all the focus of downward task lighting. Making it great for group areas.

No matter what you choose as a goal for your electrical services, make sure that your commercial electrician understands what you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind way to maximize natural light and to save money in the long tern with LED lighting. Know that your commitment to your company’s lighting needs will only help your employees work better and help your business grow.

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