Electrical Fires – Why This Happens

According to the National Fire Protection Association 14,760 fires are caused by electrical or appliance failures. Leading to property damages, injuries and in some cases death. Electrical fires are the leading cause of fires in a home. Electrical fire dangers can be hidden in the walls. Most homeowners are aware that you should not overload outlets but there are some dangers that homeowners may be unaware of or that can be hidden. If your a homeowners in an older homes you should hire an electrician auckland to come in and access the dangers of an electrical fire. A certified electrical service will be able to help  make changes to keep homes safe from electrical fires caused by faulty outlets or appliance, light fixtures, space heaters and more.  A certified electrical service will also give tips on how homeowners can stay safe.

Faulty Outlets and Appliances

It’s always important to never overload outlets with too many plugs or appliances. This can cause an electrical fire. Always ensure that there is a cover on the electrical outlet and that it is well maintained. If you have any loose fitting outlets or any outlets that seem dead  hire an electrician auckland to come out and service those outlets. Never take the third ground prong from a cord to make it fit in a two prong hole. That third prong is to ensure that the appliance will stay grounded and not cause an electrical fire. Never use a appliance that has faults in the cord, receptacle or switch. Also avoid running wires and cords under rugs because this can be another cause of an electrical fire.

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Extension Cords

Sometime you just can’t get the radio to reach the living room for the party. So the solution is likely to use an extension cord. Extension cords can be a cause of electrical fires as well. It important to remember that extension cords are for temporary use only and that appliances should not be left plugged into them. Appliances should be plugged into the wall directly. If you don’t have the correct outlet for your appliance a certified electrical service can come out and add outlets to meet your needs. Extension cords should never be doubled up to make an electrical cord train as this can too cause an electrical fire.

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Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a cause of electrical fires as well. Different light fixtures around your house require a different wattage light bulb. It’s important to follow the guidelines for each fixture as putting the wrong light bulb in the fixture can cause overheating and lead to an electrical fire. Another way a light fixture can cause an electrical fire is when a material like a cloth or paper is left on or close to the bulb and heats up. All these things should be remembered to keep your light fixtures safe and to avoid any fires.

Space Heater

Space heaters are great in the winter when its snowing and raining outside to keep the home warm. It’s important though to be mindful and follow safety cautions from the manufacturer to avoid electrical fires. Because space heaters are so portable they can often be forgotten about or placed too close to combustible materials and this can cause a fire. Keep them away from rugs, bedding, clothing, chairs,  couches ,carpets, curtains and anything else that may catch fire. Coil heaters are especially dangerous in this regard because the coil can get so hot it only takes the slightest touch to catch anything nearby on fire. Also try to avoid over using it because the coils can cause fires from being worn or over heated to often.



Especially in older home wiring can be a major cause of electrical fires.if your home is more than 25 years old it may not have the capacity to handle the needs of modern updated appliance. Breakers and circuits can get overloaded by even the simplest things we take for granted everyday like tv, computers, game consoles and even microwaves. It’s important to hire an electrician auckland to update the wiring in your home so that it will be safe to run all of your home without causing an electrical fire.

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Electrical fires can be dangerous and costly if you lose your home. Protect against electrical fires by getting certified electrical service to come out and upgrade wiring in an old home, Give your home more outlets so you don’t have to run as many extension cords and fix any dead outlets you may have. Stay cautious when using space heaters and alway use the correct bulbs in all f your lighting fixtures. These steps along with help from an electrician auckland will ensure that your home is safe from electrical fires and  more enjoyable.

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