Energy Efficient Appliances: For The Whole Home

Energy efficient appliances are the latest trend for upgrades for your whole home.. But why choose energy efficient appliances? More homeowners are choosing energy efficient appliances not just for the environment, even though it’s enough to want to just save the trees and breathe cleaner air. They are choosing energy efficient appliances to save money in the bank. And who  doesn’t like to save money. In addition to saving on utilities you can also qualify for rebates through your local utilities company for the upgrade to the energy efficient models of the appliances you use everyday in your home. A top electrician Auckland can recommend which appliance in your home would be worth the upgrade  depending on your families daily practices and a electrical service auckland can ensure that everything is installed and running at its peak efficiency to save money and the environment.


The kitchen is where a good portion of energy efficient appliances can be installed by an electrical service Auckland to get you the best savings. Your refrigerator is a good place to start. Consumer reports averages that the average energy efficient refrigerator saves $42-110 dollars per year. While the upfront cost may seem staggering but it is also said that the fridges not only save you more money but they also are better at keeping your food fresher longer. Dishwashers are another great saving in your kitchen. They not only are designed to clean dishes better and use less water and save you and average of $30 dollars a year. The kitchen is full of savings and efficiency with new energy efficient appliances.

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Loads of laundry, and if you have a average home size of five and six you are washing on a nearly daily basis to keep up with the piles that keep coming from you family. Your washer can be replaced with a more energy efficient model that uses less water and electricity saving you and average of $40 dollars per washer often come with features that allow you to wash smaller loads so that you don’t have to run through a whole cycle. Dryers are another laundry room appliance that can be upgraded to save money. On average a energy efficient dryer will not only dry your clothes faster with less damage but also save an average of $25 dollars per year.

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All Around The Home

There are a lot of other appliance that are used throughout your home that you can upgrade to create an overall more environmentally and cost effective home.

Lighting for example can be made to be more energy efficient by using energy efficient bulbs like LED bulbs that cost less and are less maintenance on your home. LED lighting bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs and are safe because they don’t heat up as hot traditional light bulbs either. They can be used all over the home from kitchen to living rooms and bathrooms even for the christmas lights for the tree and around the home for the holidays.

Smart thermostats are another home feature that can be upgrades with top electricians in auckland. A smart thermostat will pay for itself in two years with the average thermostat costing an average of $250 dollars. A smart thermostat allow you to program you air as well as for the thermostat to learn you rhome patterns to keep the home cool when you are around and turn itself off when you are out. It’s a good investment that pays for itself.

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Water heaters are an important part of any home. Hot water is used for showers, laundry , dishes and more. But even your hot water heater can be more energy efficient and bring you savings. Water heaters are the second highest energy user in your home. A smart hot water heater will allow you to turn off the water heater at night and when you are away from your home so that it is not making hot water when its not needed. Electrical service auckland can help to install a hot water heater that will ensure that you will see savings that will make a difference.

Trying to make your home more energy efficient can be a daunting task. A top electrician auckland can help to recommend different appliances that can be lower your energy cost and overall footprint on the environment. All savings are contingent on you family’s personal practices, but even the smallest changes can make the largest differences for your hoe and for our environment. From simple things like light bulbs and smart thermostats to larger items like refrigerator and hot water heaters. Know that over the life of all your appliances you’ll continue to see savings you can be proud of for your family and the world.

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