Electrician Auckland

Need an electrician for your home or business? Electrician Auckland offers the best electrical services. Electrician AucklandAt Electric City, we provide you with a complete range of electrical services delivered by our expert team of electricians. From installation of new systems to the maintenance of your existing electrics to repairs, we cover all your electrical service needs.

We are committed to providing you with quality service because for us, customer satisfaction is more valuable than any other thing.

Electrical services offered by us include:

Residential Electrician Auckland

Electrician Auckland deals with all sorts of electrical repairs needed for your home. Some electric faults can be dangerous. If you find any such electric issues like an electric shock, be quick to call us so we can sort it out. Whether it is your circuit breaker tripping frequently or light switches not working properly, our experienced professionals will take care of it.

Keep your home safe and sound by choosing Electrician Auckland.

Commercial & Industrial

Any major electricity fault can disrupt the working environment of a business. We offer installation, upgrade, maintenance and repair services to ensure your electrical system is up to the mark.

Electric City provides you reliable and qualified commercial electricians at affordable rates. We have expertise in commercial and industrial electrical services.

Electrician Auckland delivers high-quality work. We offer our services on a contract basis as well as one-off jobs.

Home Automation

By providing you automated solutions, your home will become more secure and comfortable for living. We are experts at installing home automation systems. Our automation solutions include lighting, security system, temperature, and home entertainment.

You’ll have the luxury of controlling these automated systems with your phone and laptop.


Electric City uses alarms from leading manufacturers. Our professional electricians will install your alarm system according to your preference. We can provide you with a customized alarm system which will enable you to receive a text message or a call if the alarm goes off.

The alarm can also have the smoke alarm feature if you want.

Service & Maintenance

To keep the electrical system in good working condition, it needs to be regularly maintained. The regular maintenance prevents breakdowns, extends the life of equipment and systems and makes sure everything is working smoothly.

In short, our electrical maintenance service will save you money and time.

If you want to keep the electrics in your house working efficiently, we are here for you to provide excellent maintenance and servicing.


We offer several products and solutions for audio-visual that will make it very convenient to use your home entertainment system. Electric City’s team has 14 years of experience in audio-visual installation.

Data cabling

Electric City has experience in installing data cables and sockets in many different offices and commercial buildings. We can install new ones on your business premises without any disruption. Whether you need to install only one data socket or for the complete office, we don’t compromise on quality. Our data cables are of top-quality because we get the job done with high standards.

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To get a quote for data cable installation, please contact us today by calling (027) 4433555.